Tiger wins prestigious iF Design award – again

February 02, 2016

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A water bottle created by Tiger’s design team in Copenhagen walked away with one of the world’s most prestigious design prizes at the iF Design Awards in Munich last night. The bottle is called “Hi haj” (pronounced “Hi hi”), which means “Hello Shark”.

Danish Tiger was awarded an iF Design Award in Munich for their new “Hi haj” water bottle. In recent years, Tiger has been developing and designing more and more of its own products, which are sold at nearly 600 Tiger stores in 28 countries. Tiger has sold thousands of bottles of mineral water to thirsty customers. So in the summer of 2015, Tiger launched its own water bottle, every inch of which was designed at the company’s Copenhagen headquarters. Today, the water is one of Tiger’s biggest sellers, and now the bottle has been awarded a renowned international design prize.

Head of product design Lovorika Banovic says:

“Getting an iF Design Award is a real honour, and getting it for a water bottle is something we’re particularly proud of. Winning this prize for a water bottle is no small thing, especially because a lot of people think of water bottles as ready-made products. We won for a bottle with a humble message: We sell water. Plain and simple. So the bottle has a simple, Scandinavian feel. It was one of the most exciting assignments of my career.”

A shark in the Water

The Danish team designed every millimetre of the bottle, from the shape of its stabile base to the graphic design on its surface. The bottle has a minimalistic feel and a label depicting a window onto the water- So focus is on the water alone.

Graphic designer Marlene Frølund says:

“We wanted to design a bottle that didn’t try to be more than what it is: A bottle of water. We came up with the idea of making a window that you can see the water through. On the inside of the label is a shark, which is magnified by the water. That’s made a lot of people smile at the water. Even though it’s just water.”

Last year, Tiger won an iF Design Award for the Tea Bird teapot, which was designed in cooperation with designers Skovgaard and Vennerstrøm. “Hi Haj” is the first product designed entirely by Tiger’s own design team to win an iF Design Award.

Tiger’s water sells for one Euro for two at Tiger.

About the iF Design Award

The iF Design Award, which has been awarded since 1953, is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards. Prizes are given in six categories by a jury of internationally renowned experts within the fields of design, industry and education. Every year, hundreds of companies enter products in the competition, which is judged based on criteria like design quality, finish, choice of materials, innovation, environmental impact, ergonomics, safety, brand value and more.

About Tiger
Over the last decade, Tiger has focused increasingly on product development and design. Their latest initiative is the Tiger Lab, where new products are developed by a growing team, which currently consists of two product designers and five graphic designers. Tiger introduces 300 new products every month, half of which are designed by Tiger’s own designers.

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