Have a haunted evening 

October 13, 2016

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Have a haunted evening 

Creepy spiders, mysterious body parts, Dracula blood, chilling costumes and hair-raising hats. The scariest night of the year is approaching, and Flying Tiger Copenhagen (formerly known as Tiger) is ready to dress up both your family and your home for Halloween!!!

This time of year, driveways, stairwells, gardens and schools the world over are filled with Jack-O’-Lanterns and all things spooky. American Halloween traditions like trick-or-treating are everywhere nowadays. But where do the traditions actually come from? There is no clear answer, because traditions evolve over time. Not long ago, Halloween was rejected as no more than a passing fad in much of Europe. But today, the tradition has taken a firmer hold, especially among children and young people. 

If you look at ancient traditions from different countries, you can see that Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, actually has deep European roots. For instance, turnip lanterns come from Denmark, where they were once used to frighten people in the winter darkness. Other elements come from an ancient Celtic harvest festival, which immigrants brought with them to the US. Halloween is also full of references to the Catholic holiday of All Saints’ Eve. 

“In our stores, we see more and more interest in Halloween every year. It’s a very social tradition, involving the entire family, and it goes extraordinarily well with our mission of bringing people together through fun experiences,” says Esben Pedersen, Global Communication Manager, Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

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