Danish design store Tiger launches free emojis

December 03, 2015

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Danish Tiger has just released a series of free emojis for iOS and Android phones. Tiger’s own designers in Copenhagen designed them all, and they reflect the company’s focus on bringing people together – and on accessible design.

Linda Ghabain, Social Media Manager at Tiger, says:

“Tiger wants to bring people together and make them happy. And that’s the spirit behind our Designed-by-Tiger emojis – you can send fun and original emojis to people you care about. Our emojis are free, and they include Danish Christmas elves, Tiger’s own mermaid and lots of other quirky characters. They’re like a new language for mobiles, and we can hardly wait to see how people use them.”

People often express themselves better in emojis than in words, so emojis are everywhere these days. Last week, the Oxford Dictionaries even named an emoji that’s laughing so hard it’s crying “word of the year 2015”. That’s a first, and it happened hard on the heels of 2015’s enormous leap in the use of emojis.

Tiger emojis can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play, and they work with most popular messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Messenger – and Apple and Android’s own mobile messaging apps, of course. There are 127 new emojis and 37 new stickers and GIFs, all designed by Tiger’s own designers in Copenhagen. The Tiger emojis will be updated every month, so there will always be an emoji for every situation. The first version sports a Christmassy vibe.

Tiger, which opened its first store in Copenhagen in 1995, uses lots of Designed-by-Tiger characters on their products, and many of the new emojis will be familiar favourites. The first batch of 127 emojis fall into five categories: holiday, fun stuff, people, creatures and munchies. Tiger’s emojis can be downloaded for free starting today.

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Tiger opened its first store in Copenhagen in 1995 and has since grown to include more than 550 Danish design stores in 27 countries. Tiger opens an average of two-three stores per week.

Tiger designs approximately half of its products at its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tiger’s design has won a long list of international design prizes including the Good Design® Award, the IF Design Award and the Communication Arts’ Award of Excellence.

Standard emojis are unicode, which means that they are text based. New Unicode emojis are approved for use worldwide by the Unicode Consortium, and therefore no brands can offer Unicode emojis. All third-party emojis (including Tiger emojis) are image based and every messaging app and keyboard handles images in its own way. Tiger emojis work with WhatsApp, Messenger and Apple and Android mobile messaging apps.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact:
Nina Brønden Jakobsen
+45 41861391
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