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Flying Tiger Copenhagen is built on strong values and powerful beliefs. On a philosophy that guides us in everything we do – from the way we think about our products, to the things we want for our customers and the way we treat the people around us. Without you, our philosophy would be just a handful of ideas. You can bring it to life and make it real. We are here to be a catalyst for your dreams and ideas.

Welcome to Flying Tiger Copenhagen!

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Our values

Working in Flying Tiger Copenhagen is based on an open culture where we trust each other and value what our colleagues have to offer. We give our staff the freedom to get involved, take charge and let them have influence on their own work.

When we were still a small business, our values were inherently present. We all believed in the same principles and organically understood what was important. As we grew bigger and opened more stores around the world, it became important to us to write down our values. This way everyone can understand what we stand for and naturally feel our passion!

In the words of our employees, here are our values:

World on its head

Normal is f***ing boring


I fail, therefore I am. Without failing, we will not develop. If we do not develop, we die


We are all humans-and from time to time we all need a cake or a hug


If you don't put your heart into what you are doing, then it doesn't matter. We fight indifference

Open doors

In our house, there is room for tall and short, slippers and fancy shoes, street wear and suits. We keep the doors open, because it is hard to hear the good ideas when doors are closed.


Customer is king, shop is queen and the head office are the pawns

Meet us

At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we create a space for ideas, for innovation, for growth, and for people who generally have an interest in other people. We have a variety of functions in our company: Finance, IT, Logistic, Marketing, People etc. But we prefer not to think in rigid categories. We like to challenge everyday life. Translate ideas into action. Turn our space into a playground of fun. Fight indifference and promote happiness. Come and visit our stores, and see and feel for yourself.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Man and woman holding an umbrella

Grow with us

At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we’re building the plane while we’re flying. We create chaos whenever we encounter the predictable. At the opening of the first store, our founder Lennart Lajboschitz had a wish to give people more than they expected. We still try to live up to this promise – to give you more than you expect. Most likely, we have the career you want, the career you dream of and perhaps the career you never knew existed.

Choosing a career is a big thing. We hope that you will think of Flying Tiger Copenhagen when you are to make your way into the world. There is no script for a career path in Flying Tiger Copenhagen - you get to write you own. If you need some inspiration, fly in and follow our employees’ individual career journeys. There is no script for your career path in Flying Tiger Copenhagen - you get to write your own script. And who is better to show that than our employees?

Follow our employees’ career journeys and get ready to take off.

Keep Flying High

...with training, education and knowledge in your field. We motivate you to develop and progress via our internal training programme. Whether you are a Sales Assistant with Store Manager dreams or a District Manager who wish to grow – we have training to fit your needs:

Flying Manager

This program is a 1.5-year leadership training program for District Managers who are responsible for several stores across all the Flying Tiger Copenhagen countries. Strengthen your skills as a District Manager and be a stronger partner for the Store Managers. You will boost your ability to lead from a distance by using the right communication tools, channels, effective time mastering and situational leadership.

"I gain tools that I can apply daily in my work, I get inspired and motivated by other colleagues."
Linda Tamnoi, District Manager
"I like the engagement with the peers, we exchange ideas and best learning practices across our different culture and ways of work."
Craig Gladwin, District Manager
United Kingdom

Flying Tiger Training

Strengthen your skills as Store Manager with this 2-year training programme. You will improve your ability to be result-oriented, create teamwork, live and breathe the Flying Tiger Copenhagen service, plan and prioritize and know how to use situational leadership.

Pssst. We have 40 internal trainers across the world to conduct our programmes and ensure the same vision for a great leadership – the Flying Tiger Copenhagen way.

"For me the best thing about being a trainer is being able to share experiences with other. This generates personal satisfaction. You can see other grow with your effort and have more knowledge and confidence on yourself about what you can bring to your colleges."
Margarita Espejo, Human Resources
Andalucia, Spain

Tiger Talent Training

Are you a Sales Assistant with Store Manager dreams? Tiger Talent Training is our talent programme which gives you all the relevant skills to run your own store. You will get tools to help you take the lead of daily operations, learn how to handle your staff and which leadership style to make use of in different situations.

"Becoming Tiger Trainer I can improve the way I can transfer contents and knowledges to people following Flying Tiger Copenhagen's values and guidelines. But above all, I understood I have to do it with a smile on my face, that soon will become the smile on the participants face."
Stefano Croce, Human Resources
Torino, Italy
Happy Flying Tiger employees

Join Us

In Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we are always looking for new employees. We love diversity and different personalities. You need not have a specific background or education. If you are willing to take responsibility and write your own story, you will fit perfectly into our family. Your engagement and personal drive are what count. We are a catalyst for your dreams and ideas. We cannot wait to meet you!

Join us
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