Our mission

We want to inspire you to make the things you care about happen. 

A thought is just a thought. It has no value until I act on it.
The idea of inviting friends on a picnic remains a thought until I make it happen – and we sit  together beneath the treetops.


Our Brand Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Flying Tiger Copenhagen traces its roots back to a stall at a flea market in Denmark where founder Lennart Lajboschitz sold umbrellas with his wife Suz. Then, in 1988, Lennart and Suz Lajboschitz opened their first brickand-mortar store in a local neighbourhood of Copenhagen. Its name was Zebra, and it sold umbrellas and sunglasses and socks and surplus goods.

On the opening day our founder passed out coffee and cookies, and often on Saturdays there was a magic show for the children who came into the shop with their parents. So even back then, Flying Tiger Copenhagen was not only about products, it was about giving people experiences to share with their loved ones, about products as catalysts for experiences. We still believe that relationships and experiences are what make people happy. And ultimately happiness is what we want to give to our customers.

The first store called Tiger opened in Copenhagen in 1995, and everything in it cost 10 Danish kroner. 
The Danish word for a ten-kroner coin is pronounced tee’-yuh, which sounds just like the Danish word for tiger. 

Over the years, we have changed in many ways. Founder Lennart Lajboschitz developed the concept from a family-run store selling surplus goods, to a variety retail store, selling unique, relevant and fun things from stores all over the world under the brand names TGR, Flying Tiger and Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

In 2016, Flying Tiger Copenhagen was introduced as the global name for all stores. With one name, we ensure that customers meet us as one brand across all markets. 
The new brand name conveys a desire to match the unexpected; a tiger that flies is in itself a surprise and therefore helps to tell our story. 

How we see the world

There’s almost nothing more important to most of us than relationships. That’s where we find things like love and generosity.
Everything we surround ourselves with has a personality and a presence that affects our senses and influences how we experience the world.

Our principles – our way of working

We express our concept through our products, the shopping experience and human interaction.

Our products
We put a great deal of thought into each product we select and design.  And it’s not just about the product, it’s also about what the product means to and does for the person who uses it.

We use design, materials, colours and graphics to add emotional value to functional objects and to make them more intriguing, distinctive and appealing to the senses.

We renew our product range by creating trends – not by copying them.

We seize opportunities. And we use our good business sense to make the products we choose available to everyone.

We shape our product range around things you need, things you dream of and things you didn’t even know existed.

The shopping experience
The central locations of our stores and their carefully considered aesthetics completely contradict our low prices. That paradox is what we’re all about.

An unpretentious and minimalist look creates a sense of pleasantness and calm in our stores that invites our customers to explore and to find things that are meaningful to them.

Human interaction
When we meet you in our store, it’s not employee meeting customer – it’s two human beings meeting each other. We hate the slick and love the sincere.

We renew and revitalise our concept through radical thinking, psychological insight and dialogue.

Radical thinking
We look to the radical to create the extraordinary – not just something a little bit better.

Psychological insight

We create new things based on psychological insight – not by copying what the rest of the market is doing.

Dialogue across teams is crucial to our development. We’re all on the same side, and we make each other better.

Our focus

We design products that inspire people to spend time together doing things that strengthen their relationships.

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