Our Brand

Welcome to the world of Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

Here, we love fun, social activity and parties. And we love love. 

Our mission. Man and woman with umbrellas

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire people to make the things they care about happen. We want to ensure the long-term success of the Group by expanding our market presence and by daring to be different.

We love to put a smile on peoples’ faces while giving them the things they need, the things they dream of and the things they didn’t even know existed. All at affordable prices.

We design products that inspire people to spend time together. This is why we strive to continue to find unique and relevant products for our customers, refine our brand, and further develop our concept.

Our history

Flying Tiger Copenhagen traces its roots back to a stall at a flea market in Denmark where founder Lennart Lajboschitz sold umbrellas with his wife Suz. Then, in 1988, Lennart and Suz Lajboschitz opened their first brick-and-mortar store in a local neighbourhood of Copenhagen. Its name was Zebra, and it sold umbrellas and sunglasses and socks and surplus goods.
On the opening day our founder handed out coffee and cookies, and often on Saturdays there was a magic show for the children who came into the shop with their parents.

So even back then, Flying Tiger Copenhagen was not only about products, it was also about giving people experiences to share with their loved ones, about products as catalysts for experiences.

We still believe that relationships and experiences are what make people happy. And ultimately happiness is what we want to give to our customers. The first store called Tiger opened in Copenhagen in 1995, and everything in it cost 10 Danish kroner. The Danish word for a ten-kroner coin is pronounced tee’-yuh, which sounds just like the Danish word for tiger.

Now, not even 25 years later, we are a variety retail concept with 863 stores across 3 continents and 30 countries. Our revenue has surpassed 5 billion DKK, and we have +5,800 fantastic employees.

How we see the world

Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s mission is to give the unexpected, while selling unique, relevant and fun products for every occasion.
We want to be a catalyst for peoples' dreams and ideas.
That is why we put a great deal of thought into each product we select and design, using materials, colours and graphics to add emotional value to functional objects.

Our mission. Wooden kitchen products

To us it is imperative that our products stimulate personal relationships. Be it when you are preparing a picnic beneath the tree tops with your friends or the annual Christmas lunch with your loved ones, spending a fun and playful weekend with the kids, or redecorating your home or garden.
Whatever the occasion, we help bring ideas to life.

We renew our product range by creating trends – not by copying them. Everything we surround ourselves with has a personality and a presence that affects our senses and influences how we experience the world.

When we meet you in our store, it’s not an employee meeting a customer. It is two human beings meeting each other. And it is our aim that you feel welcome. We hate the slick, love the sincere and thrive to assist your every need when in our stores.

Returning to the roots

2017 was a year of rediscovering our roots and bringing the past into the future. During the past year we have taken a strategic decision to concentrate more on the less expensive price points – focusing more on products that cost DKK 10, 20 or 30.

Already, we can see that our customers like the new focus.They are filling up their baskets and leaving happier, inspired, and satisfied – without having spent a fortune.

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